If you’re heading to Bali make sure you put a couple of days aside to experience a different side to Bali. It’s not always about wining and dining, sometimes you need to go back to basics. I really enjoyed the green landscapes and quietness of Ubud.

I recommend getting a driver to take you around. Usually before getting in the cab you negotiate the price for the day upfront. This is the order we visited these places, coming from Seminyak.


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Alas Arum Coffe Luwak Tegallalang

This is a different kind of coffee shop, the novelty makes it an interesting visit.On site they produce Coffee Luwak, which is arguably one of the finest coffees available, essentially its part-digested coffee cherries eaten and defecated by an animal called Asian palm civet… so in short after the animal poops they take the coffee beans, roast, grind and serve it for you to drink 😀 FUN! I think its worth a try.. so I wont tell you what I thought.

You can also taste test a variety of different coffees and teas free of charge but you will probably end up buying some as they are delish.. My fave was the coconut tea and lemon grass, I did however make the mistake of getting the premixed (with sugar) packages, opt for the other and add your own.

Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Visually its breathtaking, horizons of green landscape. The farmers typically plant seeds in a very small plot, after three weeks following germination, the 6–8 inch stalks are picked and (hand) replanted at greater separation, in a backbreaking manual procedure. WTF! Make sure you take a walk though the tracks and appreciate the hard work gone into creating such a magnificent site. Also take some dollar notes their are spontaneous gateway “taxes” to walk through the area haha gotta love the Balinese!

Sacred Monkey Forest

It’s a good laugh, there are monkeys everywhere and BABY MONKEYS!! My favourite spot was the monkey play pool, such a treat to watch. There are loads of people so you are safe, just don’t take any food with you, glasses, hats, water bottles they can be very grabby.

Tegenungan Waterfall

Huge, fast flowing waterfall and swimming spot in the jungle. Awesome for a drop in and swim on your way back to Seminyak. Very pretty (but a little polluted in some spots , so sad to see)

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White Water Rafting

SOOO MUCH FUN!!! It’s not too rough so anyone over 14 years can participate. The best part is a 4m drop that ends it, but the rest of it is easy and just nice surroundings. The instructors had a really great sense of humour. Be prepared to get wet. It costs around $35 Aust for 1.5 hours. We wont with these guys http://www.telagadewatarafting.com I thought it was fine, but did see some bad reviews on trip adviser (just looking out for you safety, you’re welcome)

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Hanging Gardens 

Restaurant & pool with an epic cliff view! This is a spot not to be rushed so take your time and relax.

Yoga Yoga Yoga

Lastly Ubud is the spiritual capital of Bali, I hear. I missed out on this but check out The Yoga Barn, it comes highly recommended on several sites.