The Apollo, Potts Point 

I think I’m slightly obsessed with Greek food! Earlier this year I tried Alpha and absolutely loved it and now I can say I’m a huge fan of Apollo too. I can’t decide which I love more. The food, service and ambience are impressive at both restaurants. Alpha is more on the sophisticated side, where Apollo has an understated, contemporary, urban feel. Both amazing! Here’s the low down on Apollo…

Chef Johnathan Barthelmess, former head chef of Manly Pavillion

The Vibe This elegantly simple, yet highly impactful minimalistic restaurant is situated on the corner of Macleay St and Crick Ave. Peering through the glowing arched windows before walking in, I was so surprised to see the place was absolutely packed at 7.30pm on a Monday. Inside – unfinished concrete walls, oversized rustic pillars and an exposed off-white painted ceiling.

Will impress This place is great for group bookings; the restaurant caters for larger groups really well. Reservations are only accepted for groups of 6 or more and there’s a very generous and affordable set menu to simplify the bill split. I however came here for a casual dinner date for two, which I would also recommend.  We only had to wait 10mins to be seated at the candle lit marble bar to begin our Greek feast. The bar area is a little small if you’re ordering multiple dishes (which you will be as most dishes are to share); luckily the staff are very quick to remove finished plates. Unfortunately, this means Marc J, Louis or Givenchy will need to be seated on the floor as there are no hooks either.

Spend $$$ Mains are between $25-$35. The $55 set menu is exceptional value

Dress Code Keep it casual but modern. Opted for clean cuts like a tailored jacket (love the over the shoulder look) or a shirt.

Food WOW –We (Evan too!) love the food here. We got a bit greedy and wanted to try as much food as possible so we went for the set menu. Can I just say it’s a hell of a lot of food for two people (9 dishes). I’m salivating just thinking about it. My favourites were: The taramasalata is smooth and slightly sour, served with a side of warm herbed pita bread – Divine! The saganaki is a dream, it comes sizzling hot, inside: soft and salty, outside: the crispy grilled layer is sweet (honey) and tangy (lemon & oregano). The slow cooked lamb is so tender, it just breaks into pieces and it’s nicely complimented by the garlic yoghurt, lemon and lamb juice… To die for! The roast chat potatoes are a must if you’re ordering the lamb. The original set menu comes with the walnuts filo pastry coffee cream but we changed ours to loukoumades (honey doughnuts) , they were really fluffy inside and crisp on the outside, however I wasn’t a huge fan of the lemon, honey cinnamon flavouring. The lemon spoiled it for me and alone it’s a dry dished, the yoghurt is not enough, instead I would have liked some ice cream on the side.

Drinks To drink, make sure you order the Pearsephone (ketel one, st germain elderflower, pear coriander), such a beautiful aroma. It’s dangerously easy to drink! If you’re not planning on an early night, you must try the All Press espresso! The coffee is so smooth and full bodied. Makes you wish they were open for my morning coffee.

Love Bangers x

Photo credit from following sites: Timeout mag, The australian, SMH