Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your trip, regardless of which island you want to visit.


Be prepared to fork out a fair bit of money, Hawaii is not cheap. Accommodation, car, food experience – AU dollar is a going to set you back, so budget generously.

Weather, Outfits & Packing

It’s hot (in June) here, for daytime activities pack, swimmers, activewear and casual clothing, thongs and trainers are a must. Dinner and nights out – again it’s really casual, I have not had a chance to wear heels. If you’re heading to Maui and doing the Haleakala National Park to watch the Sunrise (A MUST), make sure you take warm clothes. 


Highly recommend hiring a car. We literally walked out of the airport and hired a car (all airports have several options close by, depending on the island your car needs will differ, for example for Ohio you can get a convertible, but for the others get a four-wheel drive). It’s expensive but definitely worth it, you will need it. It made our life so much easier and you can just leave your snorkels, trainers, warm clothes, hotel towels, sunscreen and hat in there!


You’ll be driving on the other side of the road, we forgot a few times. One of those things that are only funny in hind-side :/ Speed limit is really slow! Generally, it’s between 15-40mph, which is 24-64 km/h. To fill out your petrol tank, you can use a credit card at the pump otherwise before you pump you have to pay the sales assistant a cash amount (make a guess), fill up your tank and if your tank is not full then you have to go back and pay cash again. Super annoying!

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Collect one from everywhere you go, it’s hard to find a good one that covers the roads in detail. Hotel ones are sometimes the best. State highways are three digitals e.g. 300, mile markers are two digits e.g. 36 (you’ll know what I mean when you see the map.

Interconnecting flights

We booked all our inter-island flights in advance using Island air and thought it was reasonably priced and safe enough for a quick flight.

Top three Islands we recommend visiting :

Jess and I (Sharz) both spent about 2 weeks in Hawaii with our partners in July/Aug. These travel guides are based on our time in Hawaii, exploring each of the Islands after tons of research and recommendations from friends. Enjoy!

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