Gowings Bar & Grill, Sydney CBD

Robert Marchetti (Icebergs)

Energetic , charismatic and really quirky. Upon entry, you will walk through the large art deco doors,  past the 1920’s style Barber shop and cafe to the lifts. Depending on the number of people in the lift.. say one. You! The music will change, for one you will be confronted with sad/lonely tunes, two – romantic hits and three expect some questionable party beats. At the lobby you will take seat on one of the many colourfully vintage armchairs or comfortably modern lounges. Once your table is ready, you will head downstairs past a large digital installation showcasing brightly coloured lips ¯\_(“~)_/¯  The restaurant is dark, chrome, sleek and alive. Its the prefect destination to kick start your Saturday night!

Will impress
It’s loud so you wouldn’t necessarily come here to have a deep and meaningful. You come here to get tipsy in style, enjoy a delicious (small) meal and then head into the City, Cross, where-ever to continue the night. I would come here with a group of friends or on a first/second date to get tipsy 😉


Dress code
Better to be overdressed than under, go all out and frock up. Just be careful of the  floors, they are not stiletto friendly – so slippery!

From an extremely large menu, I actually struggled to pick a dish, nothing really stood out and it seems a little overprices. I settled on the fish cakes which were really cripsy and flavoursome and to share as mains, we ordered the 1/2 organic herbed chicken and the minute steak rib eye, both were really enjoyable but overpriced for the portion size. I really regret not trying the Double Baked Dark Chocolate Crème Brûlée, I’ve heard it’s a must try dish!

Love Bangers x

Photo Credit: luxuriousmagazine.com, https://becandbridge.com.au/, http://www.manningcartell.com.au/www.bookarestaurant.com

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