You have been warned, this will ruin your diet!

I recently came across the most amazing, tempting and frustrating blog. Frustrating because you just want to reach through your monitor or lick your iphone to have a taste. The overindulgent dessert seeker is Johnny Bhalla, his blog Dessertified, his mission: Finding the best sweet spots Sydney has to offer. His instagram account is so visually fulfilling, it’s an online dessert menu with everything on the menu within reach.

I’ve asked him to share with me his top TEN Sydney desserts.

1. Ananas Bar & Brasserie – The snickers Revolution “wow”
2. Earth to Table – “Mind blowing” made from all raw ingredients
3. Gastro parK – Chocolate, Honeycomb & Vanilla Sphere. “As you crack open the sphere, out comes a lava of chocolate”
4. Pasticceria Papa – Ricotta cheesecake with a side of whipped cream “You experience your first spoonful and within milliseconds, heavenly grace blesses your tastebuds”
5. Cow & the moon artisan Gelato – “Phenomenal gelato – Soft, silky smooth, creamy and comforting” featuring 3 different flavours – Spagnola (sour cherry), bella chocolate and pistachio
6. Kurtosh – Cinnamon Kurtosh (Chimney Cakes) “The outside of the cylindrical structure is golden brown and crispy, boasting enough cinnamon to add a good amount of sweetness”
7. Strawberry Fields Patisserie – Oreo Mousse, describes as “one of the best desserts I’ve ever had!”
8. Strawberry Fields Patisserie – Delicious strawberry & chocolate mousse “This beautifully crafted dessert actually has three layers, of which, two you can see and one you discover as you take the first bite”
9. Adriano Zumbo Patissier – Malt and teasers – “the upper shell cracked open nicely to reveal what every sweet-tooth lives for”
10. Black Star Pastry – The famous strawberry & watermelon cake. Two layers of almond dacquoise, fresh whipped cream, watermelon, Strawberries, Iranian pistachios and rose petals (Gluten free!!!)

Want more? Check out Dessertified on Instagram

Love Bangers x