Single life, you have been very kind to me. The potential of great conversation, laughter, exploring a new dinner spot, eating amazing food and receiving the undivided attention of my date… gets me way too excited to stay in, be healthy and save my pennies. Boring!!  Since moving to the beautiful Bondi Beach, I’ve really overindulged in my hood. I have almost tried everywhere I’ve wanted to go – with the exception of the Hills Eatery, Porch and Parlour and the newly opened Bills. Hint, hint 😉 So I thought I’d put my dining experiences/research to good use and give you… the guide to dating in the bubble that is Bondi!

DATE TYPE: The Dinner Dates

For the …“We have so much potential… back to mine after dinner? ” date

It can be as romantic/lustful as you make it depending on where you sit. If you want an intimate dinner experience sit at the individual tables, subtly lit up with candles, perfect for stealing kisses. If you’re in a playful, cheeky mood sit at the bar. The waitstaff are very fun and attentive. The kitchen close late, you could be here for a while.
Must order: Loved the Taiwanese steamed pork belly bun, the duck pancakes and the Sichuan Lamb curry – amazing!

“Let me spoil you a little babe ” weeknight date  or the “I want to be seen with you” weekend date

The vibe differs depending on when you come here.On the weekend, this bright, airy and breezy boathousesque restaurant is filled with beautiful Bondi grassy knoll migrants. On a weeknight (say Wednesday) it’s a bit quieter, slightly older and more laid back. With mood lighting (which is deceivingly flattering after a long day at work), a spaced out seating arrangement and soft tunes, it’s the perfect date night option.
Must order: The oregano and lime Split King Prawns and the Mahi Mahi are a favourite and make sure you get the donut balls with camaralised apple and cinnamon ice cream to share.

“ Let’s chat and shit – I like you” dinner date

It’s a cool and casual coastal pizzeria, buzzing every night of the week. I would consider coming here for a casual, no pressure carb-infused meal (the menu is predominantly carbs so you may want to ask for your dates dietary preferences/requirements)
Must Order: Focaccia con porchetta, which is basically a pizza sandwich of porchetta, cos lettuce and marinated grilled eggplant and lots of mayo – OMG!!! Euphoria in my mouth!

The “You’re hot, I’m not sure if this is a date but I’ll try my luck” dinner

The old Bondi FM has been resurrected to give life to this Bondi local hang out. The place is divided up into two parts, the very sceney bar at the shop front is a great starting point (also great for casual sunday evening drinks). If you want to actually hear your date, head to the quieter dining area at the back. The music is on point, it’s dimly lit and its very laid back. Great spot for a Saturday night date.
Must order The Mac and Cheese. Yup, I know you can whip it up at home but it wont be this good. The braised beef cheeks are a must…so succulent…just melts in your mouth…you’ll be mmm and ahhhing uncontrollably… Prematurely hehe 😉


The “let me romance you” dining experience

Really warm, welcoming and romantic restaurant on the more sophisticated side of Bondi eateries. Like China Diner and North Bondi Fish I would save this place for someone special, worthy of a Friday or Saturday dinner date.
Must order: The pasta is freshly made every day, it’s phenomenal and guaranteed to impress. The Pappardelle con ragu di manzo was my fave.  For dessert, make sure you order the tagliatelle con maiale in latte – it’s incredibly understated. Make sure you dig deep to scoop up all the layers of chocolaty/cream goodness – this is one NOT to share! Get your own!


The “ chilled out ” date avo

This is definitely a Sunday spot. There’s live music in the bar section which creates a great atmosphere but it’s a little hard to hear each other. The restaurant section has a much more extensive menu and caters perfectly for the post weekend de-brief/over share session.
Must order: The duck pancakes!


The “third date… are we getting serious?”

This place is a little gem. It’s intimate, cosy and pretty casual (by far the least hipstery place on this list). The air is filled with so many amazing spices and aromas, it’s a Middle Eastern culinary delightful. Highly recommended. I’ve also been told breakfast here is phenomenal, will have to come back.
Must order: Trust me and order all these dishes, no questions asked! Fried cauliflowers w almond tarator & mulberry molasse. Haloumi w honey & za’atar. Albacore tuna chramieh w israeli cous cous. Beef cheek w spicy bizella. My date (boyfriend now!) wouldn’t let me take pictures of my food :/ Check out their Instagram for pics.

The “you’re hot, let us drink” date

This spot is pretty sceney, I absolutely love it through, so much fun and great staff. Perfect for people watching and meeting randoms if you end up ditching your date.
Must order: Chesse platter!


Ideal for “The friend zone decider” date

You can have a decent conversation in here, the vibe is low key so there’s no pressure to get deep and intimate. Do yourself a favour and order the fried chicken – oh lordie! It’s so good.You can have a decent conversation in here, the vibe is low key so there’s no pressure to get deep and intimate. Do yourself a favour and order the fried chicken – oh lordie! It’s so good.


The “I want to be seen with you” catch up

It’s pretty hard to hear one and other in here because the place is buzzing! This place is a favourite; the food is to share and the drinks come out quickly, you feel like you’re in the mist of it all (no FOMO).
Great option for all meals, breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Ideal for the “almost swiped ‘left’ on Tinder” date

Type of place you hang out at with mates so if you’re not sure about him/her swing by this playful joint for the decider date.
Must order: Chicken Wing – It will get messy but it’s worth it.

The morning after breakfast

… Well played my friend!! Ha! 😉 I’ll let the pictures do the talking

I would love to hear your thoughts on the list and if you made it to breakfast 😉

…and You’re welcome 😉