Bondi Junction is forever changing. Gone are the days where healthy lunch options were limited to the food courts of Bondi Junction. Now, there’s an abundance of the healthy variety. Every few months a new cafe, coffee shop, health food store, gym or yoga spot surfaces.

Here’s a list of my favourites …

Ruby’s Diner 2 min drive (10-15min walk) from the junction (and a 2km walk to Bronte beach ) definitely worth visiting. You can hang here for hours; it’s a pretty young, hipster scene. The coffee is great and the food is phenomenal. Best Part:The food tastes as amazing as it looks. There’s a good combination of healthy and naughty food. So much flavour – most dishes are on the healthier side but the taste has not been scarified in any way.  I would recommend: The BLAT if you’re hung-over, the chicken salad if you want a filling, light and healthy lunch, the monkey magic smoothie (Vegan) banana, dates, chia seeds and almond milk, little bit of cinnamon, if you’re in the mood for liquid meal – very filling! Also, I had massive food envy when the quinoa bircher with poached and seasoned fruit, pistachios and a pot of heavily caramelised coconut sugar syrup was served, the proud owner said it was fantastic!

Paleo Cafe The paleo philosophy essentially means adopting a lifestyle of eating a variety of lean meat, seafood, eggs, fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds & berries. The benefits are vast, according the the philosophy: weight loss, healthier skin, teeth, hair and nails, improved sleep, balance energy levels throughout the day, increased results from exercise, stable blood sugar, anti-inflammatory, reduced allergies, improved self confidence & general wellness. Best Part:  This cafe is by far the healthiest option available around the area – Guilt free eating at its best. What we ordered doesn’t look very appetising but it was definitely the right choice for a post workout meal. Filling, tasty and healthy.

About life This wholefoods cafe has an outstanding menu and there are no artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners, preservatives or trans fats in any of the delicious dishes. It’s one of the more popular spots at the moment, so you may not get a table first time, but don’t give up, the pure chia chicken burger is worth the wait! Best part: All of the above! Plus the cafe extends out into a grocers and natural pharmacy – It’s a one stop shop for natural products.

Lady J cafe & Wine Bar A cafe & wine bar situated across from the Paleo cafe. This is a great option for breakfast (Champagne is optional) and lunch, if you want a more ‘normal’ lunch… and by that I mean it’s not as health conscious as the other neighbouring cafes. Best Part: It’s a really cute set up, the mood lighting creates a very relaxed atmosphere where you can linger for a while and have a few glasses of wine with your meal. Even though it’s a wine bar I would still recommend this place for breakfast, there’s so much variety on the menu (healthy options too).

Earth to table It’s been around for a while, but still deserves a mention. If you don’t know, it’s an organic raw vegan cafe – It’s hard to believe all the amazing colourful cakes on display are 100% raw. 100% vegan and sugar-free I can’t get my head around it. They have a great range of salads which are really tasty but it’s the organic earthy meals that are most impressive, like the Alfredo (non-pasta) pasta, made from raw Zucchini spirals with vegies and fine creamy cashew based sauce. Best part: The ice cream and other desserts, I think the pictures speak for themselves BUT what impressed me most was the **Special** warmed Shepherd’s pie (no meat of course) instead made from nuts, cauliflower, potato with a special gravy – SO delicious.

Nelson Road Tuckshop Ex-personal trainer Corina and husband Felix from the Bellagio Cafe have opened up a tuck shop to specifically cater to the needs of health conscious eastern suburbs taste buds. There will be no potato salads here! What you will find behind the glass display is a selection of substantial meals disguised as salads. Think leafy greens and vegetables, quinoa, lots of protein in the form of chicken and nuts and some dairy.  They also do amazing pies (Beef boginiuon) and sausage rolls (pork, fennel & carrot). Best part: Guaranteed to walk out full, with an abundance of energy because you have a well balance meal.

Naked Foods Organic Health Foods is a little discovery I made after lunch at Lady J’s. It’s a self-serving certified organic produce store with a ridiculously WIDE range of dried food & fruits, legumes, nuts, grains …sour cherries!! My fave #persianthing It’s a little pricey but you know you are paying for exceptional quality.


Love Bangers x

Photo credit:Lady J cafe & Wine Bar Lunch Image from Coffee life