Disclaimer: It does feel a bit conceited writing this post but gonna do it anyway as several friends have been asking about my diet and workout routine recently. Instead of copy/pasting/editing similar messages, thought I’d write it here and share the link…Hope it’s helpful!

My Diet

I basically cut out anything that makes me bloated and use common sense when it comes to portion and food types. I just listen to my body after each meal. If I feel bloated, I figure out what it’s from and avoid it. If i feel full, I stop eating – it’s ok to leave food on your plate!

Some people might find my diet strict but it works for me cos I can still have wine and cheese!

Foods I eat all the time:

  • Protein: Eggs (Love eggs!), raw and cooked fish and quality cheese. Occasionally I’ll have red meat and chicken.
  • Carbs: Lot of leaves (kale, rocket, cus and spinach leaves) and green veges (broccoli, asparagus, sprouts, zucchini), capsicum, tomatoes, onion, garlic and lots of herbs for flavour.
  • Fats: Lots of olive and coconut oil, avocado
  • Snacks & Naughties: Nuts and seeds, dates and dried fruit (super high in sugar but I love them), coffee with almond milk, very limited fruit. Cured meats and what’s life without a prosecco, red wine and spritzers!

Foods I try to avoid:

  • All other carbs including legumes and quinoa
  • Anything processed or in a can.
  • Sugars + junk food
  • Milk


I only do exercises that give me results. If my body hasn’t changed or if it’s changing in a way I don’t like, I switch my training. The aim is,  minimum workout time for maximum output. I typically do Min 30min at least 3 times a week and I do a mixture of things so I don’t get bored. When I was trying to slim down, I did lots HIT (similar to F45 training) and once I lost most of my fat I started focusing on parts of my body that needed attention – abs and butt!

I swear by these videos, I do them all the time:

8 Minutes Lower Ab Workout

5 Minute Oblique Workout

Bikini Body Challenge Booty & Legs with Bands

Bikini Body Challenge Booty & Legs with ankle weights

15 Min Butt Lifting Workout

HIT // Full Body Workout: No Equipment – Full Body Workout At Home

Recently I’ve started working with a PT at Fitness First Bondi, Ben Sexton . I was feeling unmotivated and need a bit of a push to get more definition, I do an hour a week with him and it’s a lot harder than I would ever push myself. It helps me stay focused and get more ripped hahah thanks Ben!

Stomach Vacuuming exercises

Not with a hoover, but kind of like hoovering! Here’s a video that explains how it’s done and works, I do the standing version all the time. Feels weird but it works. I also do it with Ben in my PT sessions. Video starts at 2:00

Take pills everyday!!

… Probiotic and Digestive Enzymes that is. I take one of each everyday and have so for the last 4 years! I also take Celery Seed pills twice a day to help rebuild the lining of my stomach as I had leaky gut syndrome for a while.

Theres are available at Priceline or most pharmacies:

  • BioCeuticals Ultrabiotic 45
  • BioCeuticals Multigest Enzymes
  • Swisse Ultiboost High Strength Celery


Intermittent fasting is very intense if you do it right but super effective. It makes your stomach flat and helps you lose weight in a short period of time. The aim is to go 16 hours without eating (eg 7pm till 11am). It gives your digestive system a rest and lowers your insulin levels (watch this for more info). But if you’re going to stuff your face uncontrollably (guilty!!) when you can break your fast, Don’t do it, it’s counter productive.

I have my own lighter version: I stop eating after 8pm most nights – No snacking! Next day, I’ll have an almond Cap around 9am and usually skip breakie or have a boiled egg, tea or instant coffee if I get hungry until lunch and dinner.


Hope this was helpful, let me know if you have questions. Otherwise, if all else fails you can try this  $3,000 procedure that suppose to instantly gives you abs 😉 lol