A Tavola, Bondi Beach 

Open, airy and crisp. It doesn’t need much else, the freshly made pasta drying on the large 10.4m marble tavola (table) in the middle of the restaurant speaks for itself. Lovers of authentic premium pasta and hungry people in general. I was surprised to see hungry ‘little’ people (children, not dwarfs) slurping on spaghetti. Initially I wouldn’t have picked it for a family restaurant but A Tavola very much is. My boyfriend and I came here with his mother and her partner for Sunday lunch and we were all thoroughly impressed by the food and the staff who are incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and come with a charming Italian accent.  I have walked place this place several times at night and it glows from the outside, such a warm and welcoming vibe. I would definitely recommend coming here for a romantic Italian dinner date.

$$$ It was an expensive lunch – Thank you Denise and Searly for your generosity

Dress code
The place carries the casual Bondi vibe. Lunch was very relaxed and comfortable, I’m sure dinner would be along the same dress code.

Must try dishes
The pasta is freshly made every morning and left out on the marble table to dry. The menu changes daily and the specials are written on the chalk board, this is where you want to order from. We ordered the mezzelune con piselli e ricotta (ravioli) , Orecchiette Con Fegatini di pollo, Pappardelle con ragu di manzo. The ragu was HAAmazing!! My favourite. The baked olives was something, I hadn’t tried such a thing before. It was an arancini-esque ball with…..baked olives… in the middle!! :O Really delicious!

The best part
The dessert! The tagliatelle con maiale in latte – so understated. Its served like a latte but it’s incredible, the table fell silent. You have to dig deep to scoop up all the layers of chocolaty/cream goodness – MUST TRY!! I have re-inacted eating this sooo many times!

Love Bangers x

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